Like to Code and Want to Blog? Octopress Is a Dream

Octopress. Blogging for hackers.

This review is on my new blogging platform, Octopress. I recently started using octopress to host my personal website. If you’re looking for a self hosted platform for your content, spend most of you day on github, and love the command line you should really check this out.

Before Octopress

Previous on I was using a rails app hosted on heroku. I was basically hosting some static content and this was completely overboard for what I needed on my personal site. I was on the hunt for a platform that I could share & create simple blog posts.

Octopress is a great match and fit that really well. All content is created in actual static pages. Once you have the repo going locally to create a new blog posts you do simple rake task:

rake new_post["title"]

The beauty to this is how simple and fast your content will be served up. Another awesome factor is the pure templating system. Using Wordpress can become rather clunky when it comes to editing your views. Octopress makes this easy and your template is created in pure html. There is no new template system to learn and just good old erb.

Hosting is a breeze with Octopress. Hosting your pages on Github pages is extremely easy and completely free. Octopress has a great writeup on how to deploy directly to github

Ready to blog? Be awesome with Octopress

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